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International Trucks deliver on the promise of being on the road and staying there

International trucks are built to serve the needs of the owner, driver and maintainer alike and to serve the bottom line of your business. Owners, drivers and maintenance personnel delight in International’s advanced features that improve performance and response, redefine durability and reliability, simplify serviceability and extend performance capabilities.

International’s engines deliver a valuable, cost-effective ownership experience throughout the commercial vehicle lifecycle. You’ll also appreciate the unsurpassed uptime, unmatched reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, and high resale value.

You’ll get a bold and distinctive appearance that projects a positive image of your company. All backed by comprehensive parts, service and financial support from nearly 1,000 dealer locations across North America.

Once you get your drivers inside an International truck, the only turnover problem you’ll have is getting them to turn over the keys!

In the 1950s, EM “Gene” Tharp operated a fleet of over one hundred pieces of equipment.  By the early 1960s when his two sons had joined the operation, Gene branched out into sales and trade businesses using his fleet of trucks and equipment as his initial inventory and EM Tharp, Inc was born. Three years later Gene obtained an International Harvester franchise allowing his company to sell both used equipment and brand new International’s.