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Viking Trailers

Recognizing the needs of their customers has always been at the forefront of the EM Tharp business operations.  This was exemplified in the late 1970’s when the agriculture industry was expressing a desire for trailer units that could transition into more than one commodity season.  EM Tharp saw this as an opportunity to continue to be a leader in addressing the needs of the transportation industry.

Viking Trailer (VTC), incorporated in August of 1976, has designed and manufactured flatbed trailers and grain hoppers along with a convertible line allowing the flat bed to be removed and a hopper installed so the trailer can be utilized in all agricultural seasons.  VTC fabricates custom bodies for different industries located in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  In addition, VTC has become well known for its trailer repair, frame straightening, and re-skinning trailer exteriors.

In 2006, VTC changed its business model from straight line manufacturing to special order fabrication and still fills the needs of the agriculture industry.

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